A lightweight chatting platform.
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A lightweight node.js +socket.io based chatting platform.

includes following platforms

  • server (node.js + socket.io + mysql (+ firebase))
  • android (Android SDK)

includes following features

  • user management
    • register
    • login
    • withdraw
  • socials
    • get user friends
    • get user participating chat rooms
    • user relation management (add or remove friend)
  • chat room management
    • create chat room
    • join existing room
    • leave participating room
    • get basic information of room
  • chat system
    • send message (in room)
    • receive message (in room, live)
    • retrieve message (in room, previous messages)
  • service management
    • register FCM user client key


MIT License


  • does not contains password hash encrypting
  • does not contains security models